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International board

Portrait of Alisa Ganieva

Alisa Ganieva


Alisa Ganieva (b 1985, Dagestan) is an author, journalist and literary critic. She made her literary debut with Salaam, Dalgat!, published under the male pseudonym Gulla Khiratsjev. The book describes the everyday life of Dagestani youth in the cities, and addresses current social and religious issues. Salaam, Dalgat! won the prestigious Debut Prize in 2009, and Ganieva did not reveal her true identity until the award ceremony. Since her debut, she has written several novels: The Mountain and the Wall, Bride and Groom and, most recently, Оскорбленные чувства (Offended Sensibilities). Ganieva has been shortlisted and received numerous prizes and her books have been translated into such languages as English, Spanish and Turkish.

Portrait of Leila Guerriero

Leila Guerriero


Leila Guerriero (b 1967) is a journalist who writes regularly in a number of newspapers and magazines, including El Pais (Spain). She has published a number of books, including Una historia sencilla (A Simple Story) and Frutas Extrañas (Strange Fruit: Crónicas) and most recently Opus Gelber. Retrato de un pianista. She was awarded the CEMEX-FNPI journalism award in 2010 for El rastro en los huesos, chronicling an Argentinian forensic anthropology team which travels the world to identify the bones of victims of military dictatorships. A Norwegian translation was published in the Plot magazine. Her books have been translated into English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

Portrait of Daniel Medin

Daniel Medin


Daniel Medin (b 1975) is a professor of comparative literature and English at the American University of Paris, where he is associate director of the Center for Writers and Translators and an editor of its Cahiers Series. Medin is also co-editor of Music & Literature magazine (Houston); commissions translations for The White Review (London); and curates a series about Berlin and international writing at the Literaturhaus-Berlin. A past judge for leading translation prizes in the UK (Man Booker International Prize) and USA (Best Translated Book Award), he is now on the jury of their German equivalent (HKW Internationaler Literaturpreis).

Portrait of Jonny Steinberg

Jonny Steinberg

South Africa

Jonny Steinberg (b 1970) is the author of several books about everyday life in the wake of South Africa's transition to democracy. Two of them, Midlands, about the murder of a white farmer, and The Number, a biography of a prison gangster, won South Africa's premier non-fiction prize, the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award. Steinberg is also a recipient of the inaugural Windham-Campbell Prizes for Literature awarded by Yale University. He teaches at the University of Oxford, where he is professor of African studies.

Portrait of Ece Temelkuran

Ece Temelkuran


Ece Temelkuran (b 1973) is one of Turkey’s best known authors and political commentators. She was previously a columnist for the Haberturk, before her outspoken criticism of government repression led to her losing her job. Temelkuran’s articles have recently featured in Der Spiegel, the Guardian and the New York Times. She has written several books, including Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy, Women Who Blow On Knots, The Time of Mute Swans and, most recently, How To Lose A Country. Her books have been translated into many languages, including English, Arabic, German, Dutch and Croatian.

Norwegian board

Portrait of Pedro Carmona-Alvarez

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez

Pedro Carmona-Alvarez (b 1972, Chile) is an author and musician. He made his literary debute with Helter, and has subsequently published several poetry collections, novels and essays. Carmona-Alvarez has served as editor for Cappelen Damm’s new writing anthology Signaler and (with Gunnar Wærness) for Verden finnes ikke på kartet, an anthology of international contemporary poetry in translation. His work has been translated into Danish, German and English, and he has won a number of prizes. He plays in several bands. Forthcoming book: Refrenger (2019).

Portrait of Jan H. Landro

Jan H. Landro

Jan H Landro (b 1948, Norway) is an author, journalist and regular contributor to Dag og Tid. He is also the former culture editor of Bergens Tidende. Landro has written a number of books, including Jeg er ikke ironisk. Samtaler med Dag Solstad (2001) and Bernt Tunold. Vestlandsmålar i grønt og grått (2016). His latest work is Frå Nora til Karl Ove – og 84 andre personar i norsk litteratur (2017). He also conducts public literary interviews and lectures.

Portrait of Espen Stueland

Espen Stueland

Espen Stueland (b 1970, Norway) is an author, magazine editor, critic and essayist. He made his literary debute in 1992 with the poetry collection Sakte dans ut av brennende hus, and has subsequently published several collections of poetry and essays, translations and novels. He was named one of Norway’s 10 best authors under the age of 30 by the Norwegian Festival of Literature and Morgenbladet in 2004, and literary critic of the year by the Norwegian Critics’ Association in 2005.

Portrait of Eirik Vassenden

Eirik Vassenden

Eirik Vassenden (b 1971, Norway) is professor of Nordic literature at the University of Bergen. He teaches and publishes on both older and newer literary works, and is a literary critic and former editor of the Vagant and Edda magazines. His research in recent years has covered literature and ideology, literary criticism and theories of the public sphere. Vassenden has written a number of books, and other roles include serving as editor of Norsk litterær årbok.

Portrait of Gunnhild Øyehaug

Gunnhild Øyehaug

Gunnhild Øyehaug (b 1975, Norway) is an author and teacher at the Academy of Creative Writing in Hordaland. She has scripted one feature film and one short film, and her books have been published in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Her essay collection Knots + was issued in the USA in 2017, and the novel Wait, Blink appeared in 2018. Wait, Blink was longlisted for the National Book Award 2018. Øyehaug won the Bjørnson scholarship in 2006, and the Dobloug and Sult prizes in 2009. Last published: Presens maskin (2018).

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